Neverember's New Neverwinter

Tales of the Astral Sea

Chapter 1: Flight from Githyanki
Part I
Astral Date ZERO

After sailing through the sky-portal (see this Chapter in the Main Story for details), the Neverwinter Hopefuls, made up of the beautiful Vryloka and Neverwinterian Noble Blessed Bane, Kasabian the dashing Nobleman and his tiefling bodyguard the somber Sorrow along with his magical confidante Kerem, find themselves within the midst of an astral fight between the newly flight-capable Neverwinter warships and Githyanki pirate ships.

Sailing atop one of the Githyanki ships, the mechadragoon, piloted by Rook, deposit the Hopefuls aboard the ship where they dispatch the crew…

Just as the astral sea opens up and gigantic behemoth beings, astral dreadnaughts drawn to the battle coalesce from the sea itself and begin to tear into the scene with unchecked abandon. Narrowly escaping the claws of the astral juggernauts the Hopefuls flee the battlefield, or rather get careened away from it aboard their Githyanki ship.

In pursuit came a small schooner ship filled with Githyanki who attempted to retake the vessel but the party successfully repulsed them, even as another ship, another schooner filled with other Neverwinter defenders, including the genasi mage Reci and his erstwhile companion from the Feyworld Yuusha. The two forces, both out of sorts in the Astral Sea and from Faerun joined up and aimed their vessel away from the monstrous feast, finding themselves pursued by two Githyanki schooners and a Githyanki clipper of same make as their own..



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