Neverember's New Neverwinter

Helm's Heroes Mini-Series

18 Leaffall

Chapter 3: Helm’s Heroes and the Duergar Chieftain

The party pushes their way into the room beyond the set of doors, to a small coterie of hobgoblins and bugbear sentries caught off guard within. Despite being accompanied by fellow goblinoids, the Heroes spend a few seconds battling it out with the sentries before the guards yield and give in to talk.

But talking soon descends into a squabble between the hobgoblin Nogglebock who the party captured before, and Cudgel the leader of the sentries in the room. Bickering over Sweetbottom, a hobgoblin lady whom both goblins sought to court before the arrival of the Duergar chief, the Heroes eventually settle the hot-blooded goblins down in exchange for taking out the grey-dwarven menace to the tribe, whom the hobgoblins refer to as King Biggy. Though the hobgoblins are split on this offer, the bugbears prove the deciding factor and the party is able to move further into the underground lair, goblin allies at their side.

They first come across a holding room with a spell-scarred individual out of sorts, along with a bruised an battered drow woman who takes her life and a pair of badly beaten bugbears. After this the party pushes forward…

And the Heroes still need to convince the remainder of the hobgoblins and they do so by meeting another larger group of goblins, the leader of whom, Zats, demands that to prove their mettle they dispatch with King Biggy’s devilish wizard. Agreeing the party marches forth into the winding tunnels of the lair, and battle it out with a tiefling occultist and his hobgoblin side-kick, who readily yields once he is teleported within the midst of the party. He says his name is Butterball.

After defeating the tiefling, the Heroes with the rest of the hobgoblins storm the duergar’s main quarters, where they come face to face with Mernud, King Biggy. Ordering his followers to eliminate his female captives the party faces off and defeats the duergar cheiftain and his troll, hobgoblin and duergar forces, but not before Mernud detonates the path down into where he and his men came from…or so he attempted. Zats, the new leader, orders some of his goblins down to make sure the way is sealed, at which point Butterball takes the opportunity to redeem himself, and heads off with this group…

The Heroes make their way back to the Undercity where they are greeted by Muyen in the Mechadragoon cavern, giving the wizard the samples of troll elixir they found on the wizard. She takes the party to Commander Peats quarters, where he is nodding as five golem warriors leave, bidding farewell to one of them as Bill…

After debriefing him, Commander Peat asks the Heroes what they know of Gauntlygrym…



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