Neverember's New Neverwinter

Tales of the Astral Sea

Chapter 3: Will of the Couatl
Part I
Astral Date 003

The Coautl, in a chiding and admonishing tone beseeched the party to aid him in keeping the floating god in slumber and to do so by battling a group of demonic forces on the god-beings monolithic-like hand. The Coautl he explained, would take care of the lich and his forces on the galactic gods slumbering head, while he thus requested the party to dispatch the nefarious forces preparing a ritual on the lower appendage.

Agreeing to the demands, the party assaulted the floating wraiths and the gelatinous and large bellied demon who tore bits of his own flesh from his stomach and threw it in flaming balls of searing fire at the party. Due in no small part to a Wall of Fire the party defeated the wraiths but not before almost losing one of their own.

After the fight, they found the coautl watching them and proceeded to speak to the divine being who, after much maneuvering offered his aide and brought the party to his Cloud plane which materialized from the astral sea behind them all…

On the couatl’s world, a mote of cobbled roads, temples, and clouds forming temple layers, the party met a guardian who explained the plane, which was organized around a court of the couatl’s who spent their eons trophy hunting. The party decided after introductions to seek out on of the libraries to find a possible solution to their predicament…



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