Neverember's New Neverwinter

Episode XIX

19 Leaffall

Still battling their demons, the party manage to overcome their enemies and fling some off the side of the floating mote. Meanwhile, the arriving party of Neverwinter Hopeful’s too manage to defeat their dragon foe…apparently.
For as the dragon takes a kill blow it flies away, and a purplish light erupts from its chest, opening the rift in the sky where it emerged even wider and changing the landscape it came from in that portal beyond. The rift now contained a silver sea with advancing ships moving towards the skies of Neverwinter. Aboard the ships, a small army of pirates, Astral Sea pirates flying straight for the opening into the skies over Neverwinter…
As these astral marauders made their way towards the opening, a great chanting was heard and ships in the bay of Neverwinter loosened from their moorings and floating skywards to meet the advancing flotilla. Astonishingly too, out of the depths of the Blacklake arouse a mechanical dragon, that swooped down and offered the Neverwinter Hopeful’s a chance to defend their city alongside the Lord Pretender’s own forces. Headed by the fiery red-head Blessed Bane, the Hopeful’s boarded the mechanical dragon flying ship and sailed for the opening rift, knowing the journey may be one way…
And into the rift they sailed, and came face to face with githyanki pirates whose ships darted for the opening into Faerun, but who were stopped by Neverembers galleys and the flying mechadragon. The mecha deposited her crew, the Hopefuls to the decks of one of the clippers and where they dispatched the githyanki, even as the rift home sealed shut, and they found themselves now far from Neverwinter and in the possession of a pirate ship, and still in the heat of a astral naval battle…



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