Neverember's New Neverwinter

Episode XXII

Traitor! [Part Deux]

10 Rotting – 11 Rotting

Barely defeating the devils and cultists at the bottom of the sinkhole, the party decides to hunker down for the night, making camp along the walls of the cavernous room. As darkness unfolds beneath the stars above, several eerie and portentous events happen…culminating in the arrival of a band of mysterious grey skinned dwarves at the lip of the sinkhole..
By morning, the group awakens to find the bodies from the devil encampment above along with the lift structures littering about the cavern around them, thrown into the pit by the erstwhile dwarven goons who appeared during the night. But more disturbing than that is the fact that one of their member, the prankster Chester was seen during the interlude conferring with a shadowy figure by the sleepless, and ever-watchful shardmind..
With the way back out of the sinkhole cut off, the party decides to venture further into the open chasm surrounding Mount Hotenow. Rappelling down a cliff into the next section of the sunken chamber the party encounters a nest of poisonous spiders, lead by a pair of huge, repulsive and bloated arachnids. Struggling against the webbing he is encased in, the party also finds a war-forged who frees’ himself with the aid of his homonculu. After the battle is joined the golem-man introduces himself as Bill, a reticent new addition to their party…
Searching for loot in the spider cave, the party uncovers a host of spider-bit bodies in various stages of decay, including humans, a drow and a severely withered dwarf. In the dwarfs mummified hand is a tiny metallic automaton that takes a shine to the company’s shardmind and hobbles up her leg, finding a new and comfortable home on her shoulder.
But the bodies also draw out a confrontation between the Jester of the group and the other members, who accuse him of duplicity and being aligned to the forces of evil. Despite his pleas, cajoles and witty come-backs, most of the rest of the group subdues the Jester, and place him in restraints. Only his sometimes compatriot Olaf and the newly arrived Billy the Forged seem unconvinced of his nefarious nature. But soon enough, the chance to see if he is more devil than deva arrives as the party continues deeper into the pits of Mount Hotenow and literally land on a waiting Gelatinous Cube; and then, just for good measure, teleport into another Cube.
Harassed by grey dwarves while they attempt to beat back the spineless oozes, the party, apparently aided by the escaped and wily Chester, ultimately prove triumphant over the encounter. But both the Jesters true motives, and the party’s further journey deeper into the cavernous Underdark remains a terrifying mystery that lies ahead…..



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