Neverember's New Neverwinter

Episode XXIII

Lets say we're Frenemies, Puddin'

11 Rotting

Following their dwarven and oozy encounter, the party hashed out their … collaborative differences and decided to continue forward under an uneasy truce of personalities…The party also managed to question the one surviving duergar that they had left alive. But the grey-skinned hoodlum was less than forthright, despite the probing questions of the company’s expert diplomat, Erishti. Finding little answers, and mostly lies, the crew decided to tie up the red-headed fiend and drag him along.

Down a dark tunnel, lit by the light from Torinn’s shield. Then, halfway down the tunnel their war-forged friend powered off, just as they came upon an opening…

Right into a room covered in green goo. The cavernous enclave also housed another assortment of oozes, this time green slimes that took a liking to their half-orc archer and the group’s wee little gnome. Huge black puddings also made a squishy attempt to consume the party. But despite the odd choice in tactics chosen by their prankster and disruptive Jester, who took to fleeing in a strategic attempt to gain barrels of duergar combustibles to use on the oozes, the group was able to divide and conquer the oozes with patience and determination, flashbacks and all.

And so it seems, uneasy or no, the group may be functioning more like a team…at least in the bowels of Mount Hotenow, on their way, presumably, to the fabled….Gauntlgyrm.



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