Neverember's New Neverwinter

Episode XXIV

He who Laughs Last....Duergar!

11 Rotting

Pushing forward, the party next encounters a river of slime flowing through an underground causeway splitting the passage in two. On one side of the bubbling acidic waterway is a giant dwarven statue. A second towering statue had been by the looks of it detonated at the ankles and was sent sprawling over the causeway to the far side of the slime river. Treading cautiously the party sent out their recon pair, Olaf the bowman and Tana the Hidden, to investigate the scene…

But as the two scouts made their way over the makeshift bridge of stone and casting, from the cracks in the statute at their feet bubbled up yet more hungry oozes, looking to feast upon their flesh. Flying into action, the crew rushes forward to save their companions and to do battle with the mindless puddings.

It is a fierce battle, and another long one, with acidic appetites threatening to consume them all. After one of the giant black puddings had been puddled to oblivion, the party, through the manipulating hand of the Jester, pushed the other brute over the bridge, and attempted to flee further into the next tunnel ahead…

But unfortunately were put into a dangerous position between the pursuing ooze and a revealed flame-spouting trap embedded in the cave wall ahead. Somehow, in the mayhem, the party moving in spurts to get away from the remaining ooze left one of their companions behind, Chester, their misanthropic comedian who found himself cut off and alone at the rear..

And the party, close to surge-less, without healing, and bloodied, watched in horror as the ooze engulfed their Jester in a final acidic embrace that carried their sometimes ally into the beyond….

Putting down the pudding with vengeance, the party, hearing sounds in the room ahead pushed forward, without a moments breath, led by the always curious shardmind. They were greeted by a duergar posse decked out in whips and manacles that rushed the group, immediately putting Redleaf down and demanding the rest to surrender. Ersihti without hesitation complied, while Torrin, keeping it real as a dragon-born should, resisted, and received a warhammer to the back that sent him off to sleep-time. Only Tana and Olaf, the quickest of the group, managed to flee the encounter back the way they came…even as a weird earthen creature that seemed to flow through the ground pursued them, along with a pair of duergar. But their speed and stealth proved no match for their pursuers who gave up chase and returned to their captured companions.

So it was that while Tana and Olaf were for the moment free, Erishti found herself being manacled and shackled by duergar and their slavish peon, alongside her unconscious companions, Torinn and Redleaf, as well as Chester’s body that lay cool on the ground in a cavernous hall of the fabled Gauntlgyrm deep in the depths of the terrifying subterranean world that is, the Underdark…



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