Neverember's New Neverwinter

Episode I

Episode 1

12 Leaffall

The PCs, having lived a full and exciting life before they meet each other arrive at Neverwinter. By various means and purposes, they each find themselves on Captain Tomkrits schooner, bound for the once fabled Northern City…and just as they arrive the ship is assaulted by pirates. With the help of the PCs, the ship repels the forces, a deed which earns them Tomkrits respect who sends them on their way to Tom, his brother-in-law and a Captain in the Neverwemeber forces.
Captain Tom greets the PCs and gives them a simple enough mission; keep an eye on his nephew, a boy named Hom. His preferred hang-out spot? A tavern on the docks called the Leviathan. Once arriving there, the PCs discover that the boy is quite the rapscallion, and is a known associate of a tiefling named Garrenthe. Tiefling in question is seen outside the tavern putting a sack of ‘moving goods’ into the back of a caravan, bound for the night.
Following the caravan, the PCs are beset first by a gang of were-rat goons, many of whom escape the PCs blades. However the PCs successfully track the caravan to a warehouse…just in time to be greeted by the tiefling and his goons…who make short work of the PCs, knocking them all unconscious…..
…To Be Continued…



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