Neverember's New Neverwinter

Episode II

Episode 2

13-14 Leaffall

The PCs awake to find themselves in various states of confinement and abuse. The spry little gnome beauty of the group is able to successfully escape from her cell where she first meets a githzerai; Kadda, who was also tasked with finding the wayward youth named Hom, and was also met by foul play. On the verge of being slowly tortured, the shardic Erishti is able to avoid the onslaught by being saved by the courageous and mighty dragonborn of the group, who shakes of the tiefling’s charm spell and assaults his goons. The smooth-talking Jabal is also able to extricate himself from a tricky situation and join the rest of the group, who, weaponless get the drop on their captives, barely, and escape, new member Kadda in tow.
The PCs hastily make their way back to Cpt. Tom, who offers them a job with the Neverember guard, which they accept and gladly hunker down for a nights rest in the barracks. The next morning they awake, and get put through a mostly law-filled training day, before they are pressed into serving on the Wall the same night; new recruits are a daily occurrence in Neverwinter, weak ones need not apply.
On their way to the wall, a trifle matter in a square draws their attention, and trying to stop an apparent thief, the PCs are beset by another gang of ruffians, this time a handkerchief-ed one. Making quick work of these goons, the cavalier nevertheless arrives, a Cpt. Booker, a Mintarn squad who escorts the Sons of Alagondar’s away.
The PCs head on to the Wall…



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