Neverember's New Neverwinter

Tales of the Astral Sea

Chapter 1: Flight from Githyanki
Part II
Astral Date 001

In hot pursuit of their quarry, the Githyanki pirate ship pursuing the Neverwinter Hopefuls started picking up speed as they tried to flee from the dreadnaughts devastation, which left all the other ships including the mechadragoon in pieces. Aboard their vessel, the Githyanki clipper ship, the Hopefuls decided amongst themselves to use every bit of skill in their repertoires to try to increase their ships speed, using astral eddies and sheer brawn to push the vessel to the limit. Aided in this by their fellow crewmen of their new ship, a handful of dragon-borne Neverwinter natives and a few Mintarn guards, most notably the bugbear Hrugga and his attractive counterpart Taylor, both in black-suited armor helped the party in whatever ways they could.

Despite their attempts, the Githyanki ship in pursuit, manned by Astral pirates fully familiar with the winds and ways of the astral sea gained on them…

But suddenly a dubious salvation appeared before their bow, a psychic storm appeared, prompting the party to make a decision to enter or fly beyond. As the Githyanki in pursuit of them fired off a cannon in range behind them the decision was made-into the storm!

Looting their ship for any available aid, the party came across an Astral sextant and a captains log, along with a chef who took up arms, pitifully. The magically adept of the party also realized the items significance and its ability to return them home. As the ship careened into the dazing storm they encountered flying astral serpents that pelted them with psychic shrieks, stunning them but eventually the ship emerged from the storm…into the waiting cannons of the Githyanki clipper and its hovering schooners…



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