Neverember's New Neverwinter

Tales of the Astral Sea

Chapter 3: Will of the Couatl
Part II
Astral Date 003

As the party made their way to the Library they were stopped by the Couatl , who informed them that the power source that supplied the mote plane was being disrupted. Ordering them to assist one of the groundskeepers they departed the plane aboard their ship, assisted themselves by a Tiefling elementalist who knew a thing or two about the power source as well as a Genasi wizard who knew a thing or two about healing.

The party arrived at the source of the power amid the astral sea. It was a floating pyramid and inside they had to recharge a small magical box that the Couatl had given them. Inside the first room of the pyramid were four strange areas that contained protective auras against curses. The center of this room also contained a curse filled grey shrouded area. Taking the protective abilities from these auras the party moved into the next room.

Here they found another shrouded and cursed area. One of their members, another wizardly Genasi, Reci from the plane of Faerun used his sand-shifting ability to move between the divider walls and gain protection by stepping in various aura filled zones within sections of the room. The rest of the party was not so lucky and had to deal with rooms filled with snakes, winds and electrical charges. Reci also brought the ire of a pudding upon him as he fell in one of the sectioned off areas of the room. The rest of the party made quick work of the ooze along with the slithery snakes that decided to assail the party. After much maneuvering they also once again gained curse protection from the eerie auras in the room.

The next room, triggered by the Tiefling provocateur prematurely was a literal sand trap. The key to making their way though was enduring the sand and touching the giant gem in the center that opened a portal to a series of hallways. The hallways were a maze of teleportation riddles that proved to be no match for Reci’s Hand of Fate, which quickly brought the party to another room…

A room filled with gargoyles and a central dais. Again there was a wide central area of cursed shadows. As expected, the gargoyles activated, but unexpectedly they released shrieking beetles that assailed the mind. Working to disable the gargoyles and squash the vermin before they made their way to coalesce on the central dais for whatever unknown reason, the party was able to disarm the room’s nefarious trap…or at least the first one.

Because with the last gargoyle disabled, the beetles disappeared, and the parts of the floor slide in upon itself, as water rushed into the now sealed shut room…



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