Neverember's New Neverwinter

Tales of the Astral Sea

Chapter 2: The Strand
Astral Date 002

The party emerges from the storm into the cannons of the waiting Githyanki and fire back. The schooners attempt to board the vessel and one crashes into the ship, disabling it for a brief few seconds.

But between the Hopefuls and their crew repulsing the boarding pirates and their cannon fire they spook the Githyanki enough so that when another storm appears on the bow, the Githyanki once again decide to avoid it..

Allowing the party precious time to make it to the other side where two astral strands a crimson and magenta one flickers on the horizon. The party decides to take the magenta one, and sail forward on the astral highway, bound for whatever plane they were headed for…

After traveling for several days, short on food and finding the chef had poisoned much of the rations aboard, they came upon another group of astral travelers, pirates of a sort who for a price offered deliverance to the astral city of Sigil. Not liking their terms the party turned them down and went on their way, but now with the knowledge that they were headed towards the realm of Pandemonium…a chilling thought…

Deciding to take their chances with the sea, the party, getting low on food departed the strand into the shadow of a floating humanoid god. Using their ritually inclined Hand’s they decided to venture to the being and were stopped by a flying serpent, a being of goodness, a Coautl who sought their aid…



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