Diamond Cincture

Gleaming diamond belt.


Each gleaming diamond on this belt is a powerful conduit for healing energy.
Level 10 Uncommon
Gold: 5,000 gp
Waist Slot
This belt holds one diamond and you gain a +1 item bonus to fortitude.
Utility Power (Healing) * At-Will (Minor Action)
Effect: You spend a healing surge. One diamond on the belt cracks and darkens, becoming worthless. Each time a diamond is expended in this way, the belt’s item bonus is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0). If there are no unexpended diamonds on the belt, you can’t use this power. After an extended rest, each expended diamond is restored.


Found amongst the corpses and statues of the Thayan party beneath the flower shop, in the cavern next to the beholder. A veritable treasure trove of items were looted from those poor souls…

Diamond Cincture

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