Flaming Weapon

A flaming poker.

weapon (melee)

You can will this weapon to burst into flame.
Level 5 Uncommon
Weapon: Any
Enhancement: +1 Attack/Damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 fire
Gold: 1,000 gp
Power(At-will:Fire) Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is fire damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Power(Daily:Fire)Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Deal an extra 1d6 fire damage, and the target take ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).


Found amongst the corpses and statues of the Thayan party beneath the flower shop, in the cavern next to the beholder. A veritable treasure trove of items were looted from those poor souls…

Flaming Weapon

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