Factions of Neverwinter

Sons of Alagondar – A nationalist rebel group operating in the city of Neverwinter. Almost all of the Sons of Alagondar are descendants of those who served Lord Nasher Alagondar. They refused to leave Neverwinter even as Mount Hotenow erupted and now actively oppose the city’s new self-imposed leader Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, wishing to return Neverwinter to the way it was before the cataclysm rather than creating the ‘New Neverwinter’ that Neverember endorses. Since 1474 DR the group was led by a Harper named Cymril but she was killed when Neverember mounted reprisals against the group’s activities. Leaderless, a power vacuum formed and soon the group split into two factions, the Nashers and the Graycloaks

New Neverwinter Locals – The New Neverwinter movement is gaining a foothold as Lord Dagult Neverember’s hired hands and goons patrol the streets and rebuild the city. Neverember ostensibly takes his role as protector seriously, sending his mercenaries to oust the orcs in the River District, repel plaguechanged monstrosities at the Wall, and otherwise keep the peace. The lord endeavors to lure home and win over Neverwinter’s refugee population. He is focusing on rebuilding the city, maintaining order and trade, and putting silver (if not gold) into residents’ hands.

Mintarn Sellswords – The Open Lord of Water deep is not foolish enough to install a force of soldiers from his home city. Such an act would make his efforts seem like an occupation and would fuel the Sons of Alagondar insurgency. Instead, to avoid the appearance of imperialism, the protector relies on soldiers from the distant island of Mintarn, most of whom are sellswords and former pirates. They operate under a tough-as-nails mercenary named Sabine. She serves as Neverember’s chief enforcer in the city and has come to represent the harsher aspects of his beneficence.

Dead Rats – The Dead Rats gang has established a warren in Neverwinter’s shattered sewers. Renowned in Luskan, the City of Vice, for its ruthlessness, the wererat-Ied pack has burrowed into the city’s gnarly underbelly, operating from the sewers near Blacklake. Palas leads the Dead Rats pack in Neverwinter. Together, the gang leaders intend to build a criminal empire along the Sword Coast. To this end, the gang is working to usurp control of the Sons of Alagondar, which it is using to establish a trade alliance with Valindra Shadowmantle and Thay. Ultimately, the Dead Rats plans to eliminate the rebels and remake Neverwinter in Luskan’s image, albeit even more unstable.

Cult of Neverwinter – Our heroes know very little about this cult other than their association with Asmodeus.


Factions of Neverwinter

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