Pictures of the Battlefield

[9/8/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, after solving a few ridd- HOLY COW A DRACOLICH!


[9/8/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, ready to end this, face the Voice of Vecna, an evil power hungry Lich.


[9/8/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, after burning some webs, fight a giant spider husk.


[9/1/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, in the domain of Selune, fight some were-people.


[9/1/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, more cautious than necessary, conquer the waiting room.


[9/1/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, lost in the Elemental Chaos, find a temple cluster.


[8/11/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, finally at the bottom, face all off the everything.


[8/11/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, reduced in number, must solve a water puzzle.


[8/4/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, with a little guidance, figure out the screeching beetle puzzle.


[8/4/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, utilizing Hand of Fate, skip the whole portal maze.


[8/4/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopeful Ehuna, against everyone’s judgment, set out alone.


[8/4/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, quite cautiously, face some elemental challenges.


[8/4/2013] The Pre-Paragon Hopefuls, a little confused, learn the pyramid’s tricks.


[2/10/2013] Helm’s heroes, with goblinkind in tow, take on “The Pale Dwarf.”


[3/10/2013] Helm’s heroes, trying to bring anarchy, find some slime! I mean goblinkind.


[2/17/2013] Our heroes, crossing a slime river, find even non-slime monsters… Psych! More slime. Also, Chester died and most got captured.


[2/10/2013] Our heroes, being reluctant spelunkers, find even MORE slime.


[2/10/2013] Our heroes, after dealing with some insubordination, fall into some slimes.


[2/3/2013] Our heroes, now realizing they’re trapped, find a spider lair.


[1/13/2013] Our heroes, having reached the bottom, take on some more devils.

1 13 part2

[1/13/2013] Our heroes, on the edge of Gauntletgrim, have to wait on the lift…

1 13 part1

[11/4/2012] Helm’s Heroes, acting as escorts, get ambushed in a sewer.

11 4

[10/14/2012] Our hopefuls, just trying to cross the bridge, fight a dragon.

10 14 part3

[10/14/2012] Our heroes, just trying to cross the bridge, fight a ship of pain devils.

10 14 part2

[10/14/2012] Our heroes, back in the Mask, get attacked by its mind controlled patrons.

10 14 part1

[10/7/2012] Our heroes, in Jabal’s mind, encounter his demons.

10 7

[7/22/2012] Our heroes, at the Moonstone Mask, try to solve a murder!

7 22

[7/1/2012] Our heroes, along with Helm’s Heroes, attepmt to flee after a 5 hour combat.

7 1 part2

[7/1/2012] Our heroes, along with Helm’s Heroes, take on two wall slimes and a fish monster.

7 1 part1

[6/17/2012] Our heroes, after finally locating Stitch, take on a frickin’ BEHOLDER!

6 17 part3

[6/17/2012] Our heroes, still hot on the trail, find some underground spore creatures!

6 17 part2

[6/17/2012] Our heroes, looking for Stitch, instead find land-sharks!

6 17 part1

[6/3/2012] Our heroes, with the best of intentions, find trouble. Bar fight!

6 3 2012

[5/6/2012] Our heroes, with the dragon now stone, stand triumphant!

5 6 part3

[5/6/2012] Our heroes, with barely a chance to catch their breaths, get attacked by a dragon!

5 6 part2

[5/6/2012] Our heroes, on their way to the tavern, get attacked by plague changed monsters!

5 6 part1

[4/15/2012] Our heroes, minding their own business, get jumped by some assassins!


[4/15/2012] Our heroes, with the help of an alchemist, fight the smugglers… AGAIN!


[4/1/2012] Our heroes, just trying to get to bed, had to fight off some zombies!

4 1 part2

[4/1/2012] Our heroes, in a dream world, got their asses handed to them!

4 1 part1

[2/19/2012] Our heroes, still under the poor guidance of Atlavast, stumbled into a trap!

2 19 part2

[2/19/2012] Our heroes, following the crazed Atlavast, encounted some mimics and oozes in the library.

2 19 part1

[2/12/2012] Our heroes, in one of the most status effected battles to date, fought bravely down “The Hallway of Death.”

2 12 part3

[2/12/2012] Our heroes, after some trial and error (and error), found a band of smugglers ready to fight!

2 12 part2

[2/12/2012] Our heroes, with some new additions, faced the puzzles of Atlavast.

2 12 part1

[2/10/2012] Our heroes, unable to contact Lady Jasmine, proceeded to “Friday” night’s shift. (Picture taken after all the enemies were felled)

2 10 part1

[1/27/2012] Our heroes, after mounting the floating tower in Northeast Neverwinter, found the final shard… And a nest of evil shadow creatures!

1 27 part2

[1/27/2012] Our heroes, seeking the final shard, came across some Orcs innocently cheating each other out of some coin… Then Mach 5 attacked!

1 27 part1

[1/15/2012] Our heroes, in a dilapidated three layer building on the shore of Neverwinter’s Black Lake, had to subdue a group of ruffians to retreive the second Tear of Selune.


[1/15/2012] Our heroes, as a pleasant contrast to every other battle they have ever engaged in, partook in a friendly duel with a troop of elves. TWENTY PACES!


[12/04/2011] Our heroes, in order to prevent a fallen comrade from turning undead, entered a mausoleum.

12 4 part2

[12/04/2011] Our heroes, unphased by Jabal’s sudden absence, defended “The Wall.”

2011 12 04 12.27.17

[11/20/2011] Our heroes, though “set up,” fought bravely against some Sons of Alagondar goons!

2011 11 20 14.35.39

Pictures of the Battlefield

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