Reingold's Smithy

Medieval blacksmith

A stoic and quiet goliath from the north, Enrik Reingold settled in Neverwinter a decade ago and has since established himself as a primer blacksmith. When asked about his skill with the hammer and anvil, he speaks briefly about being ‘raised by dwarves’ but says little beyond that. In a town where every skilled hand is a blessing of the gods, few are cautious anymore about the silent giant who has proven to be an able fighter as well as a smithy; on several occasions when Chasm-spawn have erupted from the mouth Reingold has taken up the gigantic warhammer that hangs over his doorway and come to the aid of his fellow Neverwinterians. His prices may be above market, but the quality is worth every penny.


(All below are available for medium characters immediately at Market Price)

  • All Simple, Martial Armor (Player’s Handbook, Mordenkain’s Magnificent Emporium)
  • Armor Upgrades, Changes
  • Armor of Escape (All levels)
  • Defensive Armor (All levels)
  • Ebon Armor (All levels)
  • Ironclad Armor (All levels)
  • Veteran’s Armor (All levels)
  • Wintersnap Armor (All levels)

Reingold's Smithy

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