Neverember's New Neverwinter

Helm's Heroes Mini-Series

18 Leaffall

Chapter 2: Helm’s Heroes and the Goblin Raids

The roar of the crowd reverberated against the walls of the Mechanical Dragoon cavern. A palpable excitement could be felt in the air surrounding the Helm’s Heroes, mixed with the coppery scent of blood and guts from the legions of goblins slain in the battle that just took place. Over the din, a single focused and determined voice could be heard calling for order.

Commander Peat’s steely words barked out from a rocky dais above the scene. His firm speech quelled the blood-drunk crowd and reminded them of their ultimate goals for Neverwinter, and called for a feast in the eve, which satiated the bloodlust and turned it into a bacchanal delirious desire for revelry.

Heeding this call, the Heroes decided to take part in the festivities but not before being approached by first a Sons Magus, Myuen who requested the Heroes service in uncovering the bloodlust of the goblins and then by Peat’s daughter Irietranna. In the midst of congratulating the Heroes the Commander’s daughter, who was clearly grating on the elder Magus’ nerves, was interrupted by her girlfriend Kara, a teenage dragon-born eager to meet the adventurers. Bubbling with excitement the two young ladies proceeded to fawn over the Heroes and Kara expressed her desire to accompany the team on their mission. Displaying her leader-like demeanor, Irietranna convinced the Heroes to allow Kara to go along and then took them to their rooms.

The feast was grand that evening, with speeches by Commander Peat and other luminaries of the Sons rebellion including Eralt Gavin , a young hot-headed noble, an elderly dwarf and the Lady Ciara, madame of the Silver Pedal. The Heroes, uninterested for the most part in the orators took to the dance-floor quite readily; Bizu found a lovely bearded female companion to go down easy with the ale, Lance drew lines of revelers despite the cool stares of Ayala, Jimbo recounted his tales of the land beyond Living and Moradin’s siren call, and Minos found his pleasures doubly graced for the eve….while Kara the young dragon-born took in all the sights of her role-models and burned with anticipation for the coming dawn…

In the morning, after a night of dancing and frolicking the Heroes set out for the cavernous hall of the Mechadragoon and took off into the goblin tunnels to find the lair from which the vile vermin had issued from. Sent on their way by Peat, and warded as they went by Myuen, the party soon stumbled upon other groups of Sons who partnered with the Heroes and made their way further into the Underdark…

Soon they came upon an eerie pool of water stretched out before them in a vast cavern as twinkling lights beneath the waves drew the attention of the group. Though the lights were soon revealed to be nothing more than bio luminescent fish, above them, hanging from the stalactite ceilings were Dark mantled things that descended upon the rebels and Heroes alike, looking for a scrumptious meal. Quickly dispatching the cloaked things, the Heroes investigated first a crude goblin hut by the lake and then a trail that lead to quivering goblins in a side tunnel.

The goblins, lead by the scrawny Oog, asked the party for mercy, and then once granted, for aid in defeating their unwanted chief; a grey skinned dwarf. Taking the news in stride and agreeing to investigate if only to find the lair, the Heroes pushed forward and found a patrol of hobgoblins and bugbears that they easily subdued. Convincing them to aid them so that their own desires at throwing off the yoke of the Duergar menace might come to fruition the Heroes talked the goblins off the brink of fighting to the death. Agreeing to the terms, the Heroes, lead by these goblinoids and trailed by more Son Rebels behind them, pushed forward into the dwarven palace in the Underdark, where behind a set of iron doors the Duergar chief awaits….



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