Tag: Quest


  • An Eye on Hom

    !http://www.youthink.com/quiz_images/full_516144513.jpg! | *An Eye on Hom*|

    • Major Quest
    | | *Description and Award*| [[:tom-withanach | Tom Withanach]] gives your party a bit of seemingly …

  • Snitch to Stitch

    !http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g43/MLenser/DnD/Halfling.png! | *Snitch to Stitch*|

    • Minor Quest
    | *Description and Award*| Keep the peace at the Owl-Bear post, and report back to [[:stitch- …

  • Retrieve a Shard

    | *Retrieve a Shard*|

    • Major Quest
    | *Description and Award*| Each creature receives 125xp for each shard retrieved and delivered safely to [[:lady-jasmine-3 | Lady Jasmine]]. |
    | Locations: …

  • Defenders of the Wall

    | *Defenders of the Wall*|

    • Minor Quest
    | *Description and Award*| Serve for 3 shifts on duty at the Neverwinter Wall and report back to [[:lt-halifax |Lt. Halifax]] in the Training Guildhall |
  • Reputation

    | *Reputation*|

    • Minor Quest
    | *Description and Award*| Become aware of the various faction in Neverwinter and how important Reputation matters. |
    | 100xp total - 20xp to each pc