Party Wishlists

Chester He’lyes

  1. Cloth [Shimmering Armor]

  2. Hands [Resplendent Gloves]

  3. Mount [Impenetrable Barding (for Bessie)]


  1. Wand [Swarming Force or Master’s Static Shock]

  2. Leather Armor [Gloaming, Shared Suffering, Parchment, Flowform, Wall, Stanching, Sudden Recovery, Exploits]

  3. Head [Circlet of Arcane Extension, Goggles of Aura Sight, Helm of Seven Deaths]

  4. Waist [Belt of Vigor]

  5. Hands [Resplendant Gloves]

Jabal Quir

  1. Longspear [Chainweapon]

  2. Chainmail [Tactician]

  3. Neck Slot Item [Amulet of Seduction]


  1. Greataxe [Defensive, Rending, Oaths Fulfilled, Exsiccating, or Learning Weapon]

  2. Cloth [Stoneskin, Sudden Recovery, or Bloodthread]

  3. Waist [Viper Belt]

  4. Boots [Acrobat]

Olaf Bors

  1. Battleaxe [Blood Fury]

  2. Arms [Iron Armbands of Power]

  3. Head [Circlet of Indomitability]

  4. Waist [Diamond Cincture or Belt of Lucky Strikes]

  5. Wondrous [Elven Chain Shirt]

Tana Roswyn

  1. Leather Armor [Armor of the Charging Wind]

  2. Boots [Striding or Sand and Sea]

  3. Neck [Spidersilk Mantle]

Torinn Rottgutt

  1. Longsword [Sunblade, Infectious Flame, Aegis Blade]

  2. Scale Armor [Serpintine, Curseforged, Armor of Resistance]

  3. Shield [Shield of Silverlight, Shield of Eyes]

Party Wishlists

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